twenty five.

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Soon, spring will arrive properly and the sun will be warm on my face. The past month or so has flown by, I was poorly, then I was poorly again, then it was my birthday and then I went to Brighton and now it's Easter. Yikes.

Birthday was brilliant, it was a big one, turning twenty five, but it was spent with friends and I think I got a record number of birthday cards and I've yet to take them down. I got some beautiful gifts too... new vans, new boots, new clothes, a new journal, a new scarf, a new bag... very spoilt!

I thought that perhaps I should write a list of twenty six things to do in the next year before turning twenty six. A fun packed year is in store I feel.

1. Glastonbury - it's booked.
2. Surf trip driving down the coast through Europe, desperate to get back to Hossegor this summer.
3. Long haul, tropical surf trip. Bali this winter?
4. Learn to crochet, I have the needle, what do I do with it?
5. Film and edit my first little film.
6. I would like a van, with a bed in the back so I can spend days at the beach or cliffs, boot open reading mags, drawing, gazing out to sea, wrapped up in my quilt. Surfboards in tow. This would also help with my surf trip through Europe.
7. A trip to California, I'm still longing to learn to skateboard so I can cruise along Huntington Beach.
8. Port Elliot Festival - I would very much like to go.
9. Keep on running, I would like to strengthen my knees so I can run perhaps a little further than 1 mile.
10. Continue surfing, get over my fears and surf better than before.
11. Resume weekly yoga sessions and strengthen my mind and body. I would like to do a handstand.
12. Explore Cornwall further, a few camping trips are required.
13. Challenge myself, don't always take the safe option.
14. Be more confident in myself. People always tell me I should be.
15. Design artwork for my own surfboard.
16. Keep a daily drawing journal.
17. Eat healthier, moisturise daily, be kind to myself. 
18. Scuba dive in Cornwall.
19. I would like a trip to the snow, snowboarding. I've never been.
20. Continue to design, draw and paint. Keep talking about it and keep sharing it.
21. Design myself a new website.
22. Join surfers against sewage and do some beach cleans.
23. Do more good design, raising awareness for environmental issues.
24. Design myself a new tattoo.
25. Move out, gain complete independence.
26. Be happy, be a better friend.

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